Islamic clothing comprises of a various different style for men and women. These clothes are a symbol of Islamic culture. For ages, Muslim people across the globe have been wearing these clothes as a sign of honor to their religion. In fact, all the Muslim costumes feature the design that adheres to the rules and regulations of Islam. These are outfits that showcase modesty and are worn in different parts of the world like Dubai, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

Muslim dressing style may vary by geography. However, there are a few types of clothing that are most commonly worn by men and women practicing Islam. Here we’ve curated a list of different types of clothes worn by Islamic men and women all over the world. These common Islamic clothing items are designed to ensure modesty.

Some of most common type of the Islamic Clothing

1. Burqa

The Burqa is among the most widely worn Islamic women clothing item. It is an outer garment that covers the entire body from head to toe. Burqas are available in different fabrics and colors. In many nations, the burqa is considered to be a highly significant Muslim women’s clothing item.

2. Hijab

No list of Islam clothing for women can ever be complete without the mentioning of a hijab. It is a veil worn by women in many Islamic countries. It is a piece of fabric that covers the head and chest. There are multiple hijab outfits that women can dress up in. It is a type of headscarf that adheres to the rules of modesty practiced by Islamic women.

3. Khimar

A khimar is a piece of clothing that women wrap around their upper body. The design of a khimar is quite similar to a headscarf. Available in various fabrics and colours, the Khimar covers up the upper part of the body and can be paired with a variety of other Islamic clothing items like salwar kameez.

4. Abaya

The abaya is another female Muslim clothing item that is commonly worn all over the world. It is a cloak-like clothing item that is designed to cover the entire body of a woman except for the head, neck, and face. A majority of women use a face veil like Niqab with Abaya to complete the ensemble.

5. Chador

The chador is another Muslim costume worn by women in different parts of the world. It is a body-length costume that offers excellent coverage to the body. Unlike other outfits, the chador does not feature a button. A chador is mostly worn by women in countries like Iran. A lot of women prefer wearing dark-colored chador while going out and light-colored chadors are mostly preferred for indoor use.

6. Salwar Kameez

In Islamic countries like Pakistan, salwar kameez is an extensively worn outfit. This particular Muslim dress style is available in various styles. The ensemble comprises of a kameez, knee-length top-wear and a salwar that is loose-fitting bottom wear. A lot of Islamic women wear a hijab or burqa along with a salwar kameez before going out.

7. Niqab

The design of a Niqab is quite similar to a burqa. However, unlike the burqa, the niqab does not cover up the eyes. Popularly the niqab is also called a ruband. It is a piece of clothing that covers the head and upper body of a woman. This modest clothing item is a widely worn face veil in many parts of the world.

8. Thobe

A majority of Muslim men wear a thobe, a robe-like garment that goes all the way to the ankle. It is called by various names like thawb, and Kandoora. In many Arab countries, men wear Thobe on a daily basis. It is a loose-fitting garment that usually comes in white color.

9. Bisht

Bisht is a traditional cloak that is mostly worn on festive occasions. Widely worn by men in the Arab countries, this cloak-like garment has been around for thousands of years. During old times, royal men used to don this garment on a special occasion. Generally, Bisht comes either in black, brown or grey colors.

10. Ghutra

A Ghutra is a headscarf designed for men that are mostly worn in the Islamic countries. In different parts of the world, the ghutra is referred to by names like shemagh. This headscarf comes in various styles. In general, most Islamic men wear classic white-colored ghutra. Alternatively, there are checkered ghutras that come in the traditional red and white combination.

While there are multiple styles of Islamic outfits worn by men and women, the aforementioned ones are some of the most common ones. Across Arab countries and other parts of the world, most Muslim men and women wear the above outfits. Some of these garments are suitable for daily wear, while others are mostly worn on festive occasions.