We all dream of shiny, dense and alive hair. And, unfortunately, the vast majority of us do not achieve it in a hundred years, be it due to diet, lifestyle, genetics …

But we can always do something to achieve it (of course!) So be very attentive to these 5 tips and tricks that really work.

Tips and easy tricks to get shiny hair

  1. Use a specific shampoofor your hair, but clean it.

In a shampoo we do not seek hydration, we seek to remove dirt. There is a wide variety of shampoos, both in stores and in hairdressers.

I use one with minerals and sulfate-free , which apart from being good for prolonging the effect of keratin, protects my color.

  1. Use a moisturizing mask , and leave it on your head for at least 10 minutes.

In that time you can take the opportunity to pass the Crin glove, or simply apply it and take a walk around your house, as you decide.

The most widely used hydration treatments today are anti-aging, those that provide vitamins, or those with natural oils, such as macadamia nut

  1. Buy a good brush for your hair.

Contrary to what you may think, a good brush is not synonymous with expensive and will save you from having to go to the hairdresser often, due to having disheveled and broken ends.

I have used a wooden shovel for many years, but there are all kinds of brushes, which depending on their bristles or the material from which they are made, are used for different things: to give more shine, activate the scalp, or simply detangle.

  1. Apply products to protect from the heat of the dryer and the iron.

I never use the iron, but I do use the dryer, a lot.

Hair suffers from heat, so it must be protected. And if, in addition, these products are anti-frizz and straightening, you will save work when it comes to styling your hair.

  1. Use cold air at the end of drying.

It seems silly, but after using the iron or dryer you should blow cold air through all your hair.

This will make the hairstyle last longer and not frizz. Having beautiful, clean and shiny hair helps your self-esteem, giving you more security and strength.

So take care of your hair, and you will be taking care of yourself.