chubby face

These are the mad times in the beauty community. The word beauty has a completely new meaning to it. The beauty industry has gained huge attraction recently. It has become one of the huge income sources of our country. The beauty community has a huge impact on the country’s economy today. With these comes the conventional ways that are followed in our beauty routines. Besides, one of the most important steps to it is how to make your face slimmer with certain makeup hacks.

Here’s the best Amazing Makeup for Chubby Face to Look Thinner

We are going to discuss certain hacks that help in this particular aspect.

Solutions for chubby cheeks

The most frequent question in the beauty community that has been raised is “How to make a chubby face thin or How to make cheeks thinner?” However, there are not many answers to it. Either you try harder and fix it permanently or you just need to learn some of the hacks to make it look right. However, always remember you beautiful in the way you are.

Ways to remove chubby cheeks:

  • Face exercise
  • Contouring

Simple right? Not really, I say you. Below is a systematic process for a proper contour.

Makeup Hacks for fat face

One of the biggest insecurities that crawl upon is having a double chin. Off course, you are not alone. There are many females out there suffering from their double chins and even feeling little embarrassed about it. Moreover, that is not healthy at all. Always remember you are beautiful in whatever you are but we can always enhance our beauty with a little hack right? So let us go over some of the hacks on how you should powder, cream, highlight your face, and lastly contour your face in the right way. It has been seen that everyone just blindly follows that same steps in contouring but that is not it should be done as every individual has a different face type.

Here are systematic makeup Hacks for a fat face hacks:

  1. First, you need to figure out the way and amount you want your face to be sculpted.
    Choose the perfect primer for your skin type that will keep your makeup intact for the whole day. It helps in the oil control of your face.
  2. The next step is to find the perfect match of foundation for your face. You can go in with a shade darker if you want to give that chiseled look to your face. This is totally up to you. If you want to go in with your usual foundation shade that is perfectly fine.
  3. Next, you can go in with some concealer. This is necessary for you contour to shine out. You need to put the concealer under your eyes in the form of dots. You need to balance the concealer on the high points of your face. For instance under the nose and at its tip, at the tip of the chin and a little bit amount on the forehead. This is just to balance out the color. If you had a concealer that matched your skin or was only one shade lighter, you might not have to do this. Press the concealer lightly into your skin. Do not move the concealer base around because you do not want your chin to look super big, as because anything you highlight it comes forward and anything you contour pushes back.
  4. Next, is highlighting. This is the step where your face gets that enhancement and the extraness on your face. Any wrong move can make you look overboard. The areas you need to highlight specifically are the tip of your nose, your chin and of course your upper cheekbones by drawing vertical lines under your eye areas up to the cheekbone area, little amount on the forehead and the tip of the lips.
  5. With a round face shape, we have roundness and many curves to the face and we want to create angles.
  6. The final step is to contour your face. You must use a cream-based contour if you are new to this. Normally when people contour they bring down the contour from the sideburns to the cheek. Nevertheless, we need to go in the opposite direction to find that perfect line where we can apply the product. Finally, blend it out diagonally.