Male make up has become quite a common affaire in the recent times. This can be very clearly understood from the fact that a huge number of men are opting for make up. Male specific make up or grooming is now a multi billion pound worldwide industry, thanks to a growing number of men spending more on their appearance. The men are using a wide range of cosmetics that are face wash, moisturiser, pore strips and hair removal products. All of these products are now very commonly featuring in a number of bathroom cabinets of the men and now also, make up. This makes it absolutely clear that nowadays more men are wearing make up.

Male beauty is not less than female beauty in the recent times. Nowadays, it can be very found out that there is a whole beauty section in the stores that is totally dedicated to the men. The make up companies have been already trying to sell make up to men for decades. But the biggest challenge which is known to each and every marketer is getting the men folk to believe that make up can be manly as well.

There are several companies, who are trying to do the same by opting for a more manlier name such as rebranding mascara to manscara, eyeliner to guyliner, foundation to tinted moisturiser. These rebranding techniques give a manly name to the make up products so that the men feel that these products are made specifically for the men.

Another of the very effective ways of getting the men to buy make up is through male makeup vlogging. A male beauty blogger might have a significant role to play in this regard. In increasing numbers, men are providing make up tutorials to other men and sometimes even the women through via YouTube or other vlogging sites. The vlogs have gained a lot of popularity especially among the younger audiences.

A recent survey has brought to light that about more than over half of 16 to 24 year olds, watched a vlog in the past month. There were a number of others who were also much more likely to watch a vlog than the BBC or any other terrestrial channel. This very clearly indicates their interest in boys make up.

Why More Men are Wearing Makeup

Here we have listed a few more occurrences which clearly indicates that the men are opting for make up in the recent times.

Concealed Adverts

Makeup is undoubtedly one of the most popular vlogging topics and the vlogs about make up by the male YouTubers have a huge number of subscribers from all over the world. Now, about 11 percent of those watching are male and almost 20 percent are under the age of 17. This is a very clear indication of the interest in boys make up. Moreover, make up vlogging can certainly be quite a lucrative business for men. Some of the op make up vloggers earn about tens of thousands a pounds each month from their subscriptions alone.

On the other hand, there are a number of vloggers who also bring out their own make up brands and clothing lines thereby playing a major role in the attraction in the men to opt for make up. The beauty tips so given by these vloggers are increasing followed by a huge number of men of varying age groups. This, in turn, is quite vital in the enhancement of male make up to a significant extent.

Moreover, the cosmetic companies will also work hard to get their products featured in these videos either with the help of freebies or official contracts with the vlogger themselves. In this way, the reviews of the make up products are very unlikely to be impartial if the company that makes a featured product is funding the video. But on the other hand, some of these videos do actually say that they are adverts rather than editorial content and such a disclaimer tends to be lost on the viewer.

False advertising

The flattering lighting, strategic camera angles and even “living airbrushing” can certainly make the vlogger look more conventionally attractive than what they actually are. This means that the actual capabilities of the make up are many times exaggerated which has resulted in the banning of several vlogs due to violation of regulation. This, in turn, means that the adverts for products are now increasingly reaching what used to be an unexploited men’s market.

Growing pressure

A number of researches have revealed that just like many women, men today are increasingly dissatisfied with their bodies. There are a number of men who have problematic relationships with food and are turning to protein shakes and even steroids that too in a desperate attempt for the purpose of meeting these pressures effectively.