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immunity power
To begin, let's define in a simple way what immunity is: "The set of biological elements and biochemical reactions that protect us against potential external or internal damage ." This means that just as it must defend itself against viral or bacterial infections, it must also do...
what to eat when pregnant
Best foods to eat while pregnant It is important, therefore, that there is a balance between the proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats that you ingest to achieve good fetal development. why it is important to know what to eat when pregnant to ensure its proper development and optimal health. At the...
Alcohol Impacts Your Fitness
Drinking non-alcoholic beer after training is especially popular among endurance athletes. But ... what about alcohol and bodybuilding?  Alcohol Impacts Your Fitness Routine, Here we explain how alcohol influences muscle development and how you can drink without harming your progress. Whether cardio or strength, training...
Skincare Tips
The skin is a natural protective barrier and the main transmitter of what happens inside our body. Not making these 'mistakes' will make you look healthier skin. The skin, the largest organ of the human body, acts as a protective barrier that isolates the body from everything:...

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