makeup for your wedding

The big day arrives and you have everything ready: the dress, the shoes, the jewels … Every detail is designed to be perfect. And the makeup? makeup for your wedding is likely that you have opted for a professional make-up artist to help you with the special look or that you are one of those who prefer make-up done by yourself. In both cases, you already know that the tendency must be that you are natural and that it reflects who you are.

Important tips makeup for your wedding

Make makeup tests

Whether you are going to make up yourself, or if a professional is going to do it, it is recommended that you do a couple of tests before the wedding day. This way you can try different types of makeup and see if you like the result. It is especially advisable when it is a professional who puts on your makeup, since it may not meet your expectations.

Hydrate your complexion hours before

If you start to hydrate your face just before you start putting on makeup, the base will fix the skin worse and the face finish will not be desirable. We recommend that you apply a moisturizing mask on the morning of the wedding that you have already tried on occasion (take advantage of this moment to relax!). Then, one hour before starting with makeup, you can apply your usual base moisturizer.

Choose your makeup kit well

If you are going to make up yourself, choose the base in advance but do not buy it until the wedding is close to ensure that the makeup tone is as close as possible to your skin. Also, take care that the mascara is fresh for the wedding day. It is essential that you have a lip balm because your nerves, emotion, and champagne will surely dry your lips and you will need a touch from time to time to soften and moisturize them.

Use brushes to apply the products.

If you are one of those who usually makeup with their fingers, practice before to avoid excesses, but applying the products with brushes will make them last longer and give a more professional finish.
If you do not manage, you can use makeup sponges. More product is spent, but that day, it is worth it.

Sleep well before the wedding. 

Although the days are stressful and you have a thousand things to do, these should not be excuses for you to not sleep well every day. Keep in mind that while you sleep, your skin regenerates and the secretion of melatonin and cortisol can be altered by neglecting sleep, which results in a likelihood of dermatological abnormalities. So better give yourself the time you deserve and sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day.

The eyebrow pencil is essential.

Retouching the eyebrows with a pencil in a natural tone is the best frame for a beautiful look.
It is often a great forgotten but, I assure you, that when you use it you discover its full potential.

Curl your eyelashes

It is one of the most used tricks by celebrities around the world.
The best way to do it is in three times: next to the birth, in the middle and at the end of the eyelashes.

Suitable colors to paint the lips

There is no suitable color to paint the lips during a wedding since you can not define how each color will look for each girl.

If you want to be right, have the skin color you have, then you should opt for light tones, but if you want something much more “professional”, then you should choose colors such as pink and burgundy if you have light skin or beige if you have The skin a little brown. If your skin is dark, then you can wear the color you want, with bright colors being the most flattering for this type of skin.

Lip liner

makeup for your wedding remembers to outline your lips in a color very similar to your real tone. Many girls delineate the lips of a color very similar to their lipstick, thinking that this makes the eyeliner last much longer, but the reality is that the lipstick goes the same and what is left is the lipstick.

The perfect makeup: Fixer 

Ok, you already have your ideal wedding look but you wonder, how long will it hold? Will my makeup be intact all day? And is that the final step for a makeup 10 is in the SuperStay Fixer Fixing Spray. You only need to spray the product on your face 25cm away, close your mouth and eyes and wait a few seconds until it dries. Voila! Your makeup will remain intact all day of your wedding. It’s great! 

The most basic advice, but one of the most important

Don’t touch your face! Sometimes it does not matter if the makeup is professional or long-lasting if the nerves or a tic makes us constantly touch our face, the makeup ends up coming off. Keep your hands busy with the bouquet, your skirt or intertwined with those of your partner, for example.