eye makeup

Women always want to be pretty and beautiful but the only way to do it effectively is through dedication and learning certain beauty tricks such as eye makeup, makeup that many times we do not have access because only makeup artists or people who are dedicated to Make up are responsible for learning this type of important tips for any woman who wants to be well presented with respect to her look and fashion that shows others, and little diffuses some techniques.

That is why learning each of the different methods and techniques of eye makeup I was able to write down an important list that helped me a lot as I also asked a friend who studied and worked on this in her life by putting on the eyes of celebrities in a program of well-known television that I do not want to name so that she is not exposed.

But these secrets and tricks I assure you that they will serve you a lot every time you have an event or a party as well as I recommend you use it for your daily life because I always say no matter what color your eyes have although I recognize that they have color clear as green or blue is something that all of us who have brown eyes wish once but the important thing always happens through makeup and how we present our face.

Essential care for eye makeup

Makeup makes you look great while you are wearing it, but it greatly deteriorates the skin . So clean your face very well and apply moisturizer before applying makeup. And never ever forget to remove it before bedtime, soap and water are not efficient on their own. It is essential to use make-up remover cream and then wash.

Trick to make your eyelashes grow a little more

You must every night before going to sleep put a little petroleum jelly on the eyelashes leaving all night that I acted so that the next morning you have the result that they look much larger the next day

Bright shadows and matte shadows

Although your makeup looks dazzling, if it is exaggerated for the occasion you will look very bad. One way not to fail in this rule is to use matte shadows to go to work, a formal meeting or leave early. The bright shadows are for parties, night meetings or special occasions.


Using the liquid eyeliner, mark the contour of your eyes just above your upper lashes and below the lower ones. At the outer end of the eye, extend the line slightly upwards and complete the figure as in the image

eye makeup tips with bags and dark circles

If you want to reduce them, use a brush with corrective cream that is slightly darker than your skin and fill only a third of the pouch’s bump, without touching the area under the lower lashes. Blur carefully.

This area is very delicate and fine; it should be pressed gently, never stretching the skin; When you finish applying the concealer, spread your usual base over it.

Although the makeup has nothing magical, it must be recognized that there are some products that achieve an immediate effect and give the overall appearance a youthful appearance: it is the case of the corrective creams of dark circles.

Mascara or eyelash

Mascara remains the cosmetic product that gives the final touch to makeup. Currently they can be found in different colors such as blue, emerald green, black and red wine, and with special elements to protect and condition the eyelashes.

How to make up according to your type of eyes

Not all eyes are the same nor can they be made up in the same way, since effects would be created very different from those desired.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine to which classification theirs belong and use the appropriate methods.

1. Tips for normal eyes

If you have normal eyes, you don’t need corrective makeup, although you can better delimit the contours with a little paint.

Start by applying a clear shadow over the entire eyelid; To give depth to the look, add dark shadow in the outer half of it, bringing it slightly upwards, without reaching the eyebrows.

2. Tips for small eyes

This type of eyes is easy to handle with the help of a good eyeliner, which allows them to be enlarged if it is applied well separated to the eyelashes by means of a thin line on both the upper and the lower edge, but only half towards outside.

3. Tips for Fallen Eyes

It is believed that to lift this type of eyes in an almond or round shape and achieve the desired effect, a large amount of makeup is necessary. However, it is all about applying the right colors correctly, without exceeding.

4. Round Eye Tips

Although naturally they are very attractive, the idea is to lengthen them to give depth to the look; This is achieved through relatively straight lines, starting from the center of the eyelid. The shadow must be applied in the same way.

5. Tips for bulging eyes

If you have this type of eyes, you must consider three important aspects: first, the eyeball is very prominent; second, the mobile part of the eyelid is too large; third, the fixed part is very small; This is why you should totally avoid pearly or pearly shadows and light tones, as they attract attention and unfavorably highlight the area. Dark and opaque colors, on the other hand, minimize the area in which they are applied.

6. Tips for separate eyes

The most important thing in this case is to balance the space between the eyes and the bridge of the nose; this is achieved by applying a shadow of a dark tone from the inner edge of the eyelid attached to the bridge of the nose at right angles and ascending; This should be clearing where the eyebrow ends. The shadow should also extend under the lower lashes, accentuating it in the center.