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Fashion is within you, and even if you don’t know it, you are also able to follow the trends with the clothes you have in your own closet. Don’t you believe us Dressing for each occasion is easier than you think, just follow a series of tips that will be your great allies.

Trends, looks, dresses, sunglasses, sandles, skirts, pants … The fashion universe surrenders at your feet to offer you a wide variety of tricks when it comes to looking divine both in your day to day and in special events. In feminastyles we help you get the most out of your dressing room. Attentive!

Here some tips and trends of fashion for a stylish 2020

I discovered how to choose the fashion sunglasses according to your face type.

Choosing sunglasses according to the shapes of your face is the best way to do it, not only for an aesthetic issue but also to have healthier eyes. Already the right sunglasses protect your eyes from something more than a glow, they protect your eyes from certain UV rays, so you must make sure they fit you well.

fashion tips on How to dress with short jeans skirts

One of the most attractive parts in the history of denim skirts is how they were born. The “daughters” of the hippy revolution, denim skirts were officially introduced in the early seventies as a way to recycle jeans.
Here are some tips and tricks you can follow to comfortably wear your jeans mini skirt.

Anyone can wear a denim skirt, of course. However, since denim mini skirts can make us feel uncomfortable on certain occasions, we must choose the right one, according to our body and style.

If your biggest insecurity is your tummy, opt for a high waist jenas skirt , combine it with a short top or a loose blouse.

If you want to accentuate your hourglass figure add a belt to mark the waist.Shoes to wear with jeans mini skirts

Flat shoes, balerinas, buttoned, mules and moccasins are the best shoes to wear with denim skirts, since they balance the informal attitude of the denim with more elegant touches.

fashion Tips on how to wear palazzo pants

Many girls do not enter the palazzo game because they are not sure to flatter their body type. But this fear prevents them from creating super cute outfits.
The truth is that palazzo pants are absolutely great for any type of body.

But there are some things to keep in mind to make the most of your palazzo pants style:
• If you are low, stay away from cropped palazzo pants, as they will only shorten your height.
• Do you have a long torso? High waist palazzo pants are your best option, and make sure they are long enough to make your legs look super long
• Your shape is rectangular: improve your curves using high waist palazzo. This will help your waistline look smaller.

fashion tips on Some party sandals

the sandals are positioned as the perfect footwear to accompany your party looks. How to wear them? The insiders propose to do it with socks – better of crystal or fantasy – combination with which you will be able to face the cold and add points of style. On New Year’s Eve, future night outings or that wedding that awaits you in 2020; These special sandals make you look in any event that presents itself.

Nothing like nude sandals to stylize the legs. If you add an absolute trend detail like a vinyl strip topped with a strass buckle, the crush is absolute. Where to find them? In Uterqüe (89 euros).

Of sensible heel and mule type, these Prada shoes (413 euros; in My Theresa) are as elegant as they are versatile. With a black dress or with your jeans, its ability to combine with everything will make the investment worthwhile.

prescribers have been surrendering to the magnetism of golden sandals for months. Our favorites? This Mango model (49.99 euros) with multitiras topped in a double front knot.

If the brilli brilli is not your thing, bet on a modern design that you can then reuse; for example this Top Shop model, with wide strips and side tie (69 euros).

Choose the best party dresses according to the shape of your body

1) dresses for girls of triangular figure

If you are a girl with narrower shoulders than the hips , little chest and defined waist, bet on the dress with V- neck , A-cut for the skirt and even for those who leave the shoulders exposed. The idea is to highlight the top of the figure, so do not forget the empire-cut dresses, because they are the best option for you. Avoid sets that give volume to the hips and waist.

2) The best dress if your silhouette is rectangular

Rectangular silhouette girls have similar measurements on the shoulders, waist and hip , so to give a curvy touch, you must get pieces with flight at the bottom and detail of ruffles above, without loading your styling too much, since You know the importance of balancing. Silky, fluid and colored fabrics will also be perfect to achieve some movement.

3) What party dress to wear if you’re a girl with an hourglass figure

If you boast an hourglass figure, it means that your shoulders and hips have very similar measures, the waist tends to be small. Choose a V-neckline, but no high neck garments, loose dresses to mark figure and mermaid cut for the most special occasions. And do not forget the tight party dresses that mark the waist with some detail such as ties or purses, you will simply be great. Have you tried wearing a tube dress ? Surely you repeat. Do not forget to comb your hair and use the appropriate accessories for your dress.

Make these fashion tips and trends yours and choosing the perfect party for you will be easier than ever. In Feminastyles we help you find your perfect fashion style .
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