add apps on hisense tv

Hisense smart tv comes with smart technology. It is very popular tv brands all around the worlds. You can install and updates apps on your Hisense smart tv by using very easy steps.

How to Install Apps on a Hisense  Smart TV?

Hisense smart tv comes with some pre-installed factory apps. Some of the apps are using frequently by you and maybe some of apps never or not in use. If you want to install new application on your smart tv, then you can follow very simple instructions to add a new app on your Hisense tv.

1. First of all, you need to open the app store from Home screen.

2. After, select the Search tab and press on the OK button on your hisense tv remote control.

3. Now, you will see a virtual keyboard on your screen. Type your app name and use the D pad of your remote control for selecting the desire app.

4. Press on the Green color button on your tv remote control for adding app on your hisense smart television.

How to Update Your Apps on a Hisense TV?

Most of the applications update automatically when any update available. But, If you are getting an issues when you are using the app on your Hisense tv. You can reinstall the application or update the app to resolve the issue.

How to Reinstalling Your Apps on a Hisense TV?

1. You need to select the app to remove from Hisense tv. Go to home screen and select your desire app which you want to remove.

2. After selecting the application, you need to press on the Red button on your remote control.

3. Press on the Ok button to confirm the app delete message which appear on your tv display.

4. Now, you can reinstall your application by using the app store and add app with latest version on your Hisense smart tv.

Note: The steps maybe differ as per the Hisense tv models.