If you can to add app and watch your favourite content on your Vizio smart tv. But, some smart television only offer the bulit-in app to watch the content and you don’t control on. Nowdays, Vizio smart tv comes with the Smartcast platform. You can easily add or cast your application to watch your favourite app videos, movies and many more.

How to install apps on Vizio smart tv?

If you want to install a new application on the Vizio tv. It’s depending on the Vizio smart tv models and its running platform. You can check below:

1. Vizio Via & Via Plus Tvs(2017)

You can install an app on your Vizio tv from the connected app store.

2. Vizio SmartCast HD TV:

If you have the Vizio Smartcast HD TV between 2016 to 2017 models. They are not allow to install an app on Vizio tv and also don’t have any bulit-in application. You need to cast an app from your smart phones, tablets for watching the content.

3. Vizio SmartCast 4K UHD TVS:

The vizio smartcast tvs launched between 2016 to 2017 year don’t have option to add a new applicaton on tv. You need to cast your app from your mobile phone or tables. If you have any apple device, then you can cast your app by using the Airplay.

How to add an app on your Vizio smart tv?

If you have the vizio Via and Via Plus platform smart tv then you can follow the below instructions to add application on your smart tv.

1. Vizio Internet App Plus by using VIA Plus

1. Take your smart tv remote control and press on the V button two times.

2. Now. VIA Plus app window will appear on your vizio tv’s screen. You can see preinstalled app on your smart tv by selecting the My Apps tab.

3. You can browse your app by using the Featured, Latest, all apps and categories tabs.

4. Find your app and select it. Press on the OK button for adding app on your app list of your vizio tv.

2.  install internet apps on Vizio TV via VIA?

1. Press on the V button on your smart tv remote control.

2. Now, You need selec the Conntect TV Store tab and open it.

3. You will see app screen on your tv screen with All Apps, Latest, Featured, Categories and My Apps tabs.

4. Browse your app by using the tab and select it for installing on your tv.

5. After selecting application, press on the OK button and press on the Install App button for adding app on your Vizio Smart tv.