panasonic tv app

If you are looking to install or add a new app on your Panasonic Viera smart tv. You can install apps on your Panasonic smart tv from the Viera connect/market app store. You can’t add new additional app directly on your Panasonic Viera tv. You need to check your app on the Viera Connect/Market. The Panasonic company will add new apps time to time into the app store.

How to Install an App from VIERA Connect Market on your Panasonic Smart tv?

You can follow the below steps and instructions to install an app on your Panasonic tv from the Viera Connect Market app store.

1. First, you need to press on the APPS button on your Panasonic remote control to open the VIERA Connect. The app button may be vary according to Panasonic model like Viera Connect, Vireacast and Internet button.

2. Select the Viera Connect Market by using your remote navigation Keys.

3. Press OK button to open the Viera Connect store.

4. Now, you need to select an app which you want to install on your Panasonic smart tv and press on the OK button.

5. Press on the right arrow button on your smart tv remote control until free is highlighted.

6. Press on the OK button on your remote control.

7. Now, your app is successfully installed on your Panasonic tv from Viera Market.