apply blush

Applying blush is not quite an uncommon affair among the women but most of them do not know how to apply blush correctly or even where. This increases the chances of ending up looking like a feverish doll is higher than sporting a pretty, fresh flush. Thus, it becomes extremely important to know as to how to put blush on in the right manner. Now, to make it easier for the users, here we have listed the important steps which would make it quite clear as to how to apply blush on the face.

Here Important steps we mention it quite clear as to apply blush on the face

Prime the Face

First of all, it is essential to prime the face properly. It is to be always kept in mind that any of the make up worn looks best on a face that is very well primed. So, it would necessarily be a very good idea to start with the application of moisturizer and foundation on the face. Then it is required to properly set it with some face powder and then whip out your blush.

Selecting the Blush Colour Depending on the Skin Undertones

The selection of the color of the blush should be done as per the skin undertone and this is undoubtedly one of the most vital steps in the proper application of blush. If you have a dusky undertone, then the application of a peachy pink blush will make you look washed out. On the other hand, if you have yellow undertones, it would be a very good idea to opt for pink orange or reddish pinks blushes. The users should stick to light pinks for complimenting the skin or simply try peach to cut out redness. For deeper plum or blue undertones, it would be ideal to select brighter orange or even terracotta.

Selecting the Blush Formula Depending on the Skin Type

Now, at this point in time, if you wish to know as to how to use blusher on the face in the most appropriate manner, it is of immense importance to select the blush formula based on the type of the skin. A proper selection in this regard will necessarily help in achieving the desired result

s. If you possess dry skin or fine lines and wrinkles, then it is just ideal to pick a creamy or liquid formula. On the other hand, users possessing oily skin should be choosing a powder formula that plays a vital role in soaking up all the extra oil. It is also important to keep in mind that powder blushes sit much better in warmer months, while the creamy formulas add that extra hint of moisture in colder weather thereby proving the importance of an appropriate selection of the formula.

Know the Face Shape to Correctly Apply Blush

It actually becomes extremely important to wear make up for face shape as possessed by the individuals. Thus, it becomes extremely important to understand the shape of your face and apply blush accordingly for the best results. Here we have listed the common face shapes and the ways as to how to apply blush on cheeks in the most appropriate manner.

Diamond Face Shape

If the face is wider at the cheekbones and narrower towards the jawline, with a pointy chin, then the individuals have a diamond-shaped face. This is exactly how to tell if you have high cheekbones. Here it is important to draw attention to the bottom half of the face. However, blusher makes up should never be applied in the hollows underneath the cheekbones. Instead, it should be applied to the top of the cheekbones, blending towards the ears.

Round Face Shape

The idea to use blusher on round face is to make the face look slimmer and more angular. Thus, it would be ideal to apply the blush in an angular motion, blending from the apples of the cheeks toward the temples for emphasizing the bone structure. It is to be made sure not to blend it towards the nose because that will make the face look rounder. This is the ideal way to apply blush on a round face.

Square Face Shape

Individuals possessing square faces have straight sides and a strong, flat jawline. For the softening of the angles, it is required to sweep the blush brush across the cheekbones onto the higher side, moving upward with long, light motions. Then, the blush is to be simply pulled from the eyebrow down to the nose, gently and blend well. The idea here is to cover the cheekbone, from the edge of the brow to the hairline. The individuals could even apply a touch of blush to the lips and eyelids for obtaining a soft flushed look.

Oblong Face Shape

If the forehead, cheeks, and jawline are about the same width, then the individuals are said to possess an oblong face shape. Here the users are required to hit the apples of the cheeks, starting at its most prominent part, and blend towards the nose, moving outward towards the temple. The trick in this case is to not highlight the cheekbone area but simply allowing the face to naturally highlight it. The individuals could also add a touch of blush on the forehead and the sides of the brows for completing the look.

Oval Face Shape

Blusher make up is the perfect way to frame the eyes. Oval face shapes have prominent cheeks and an oval chin. Thus, it is necessary to apply blush at the most prominent part of the cheekbone, stroking it downward towards the earlobe and blending it up towards the temple.

Heart Face Shape

Individuals possessing heart face shape have a longer face with prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin. Here the individuals should apply blush along the bottoms of their cheekbones, in a “C” shape going from the top of the temple downwards. The idea here is to balance the strong jawline and draw attention to the cheekbones.

Now, it can be very well understood as to how to apply blush correctly for the purpose of getting the best looks.