Is your Samsung Smart TV experiencing a black screen? Are you unable to see any pictures when the Samsung Smart TV is powered on? You are in the right spot to fix this problem. The screen will go completely black after your TV has been working normally. It is possible to hear the sound and adjust the volume, but not be able see the screen. This is not a common problem. Navigate through the page to find the solution.

Why is my Samsung Smart TV black screen?

After receiving many reports from users, we decided that the issue should be investigated and developed a solution which will solve the majority of the problems. We also looked into the causes of the Black Screen problem on Samsung Smart TV. These are listed below.

Problem with your Samsung Smart TV’s cable connection:

The most likely reason for a black screen is a poor cable connection. Problems with your TV’s cable connections include loose or damaged cables, inactive power sources and poor connections.

Sources issue:

The issue could also be caused by problems with external sources like cable boxes, DVD players, or other media. Press the Menu button on the remote to determine if the problem is related to the sources. If the menu appears on your TV’s screen, it is likely that the source problem is at hand.

Inputs setting issue:

The black screen problem could be caused by the inputs setting error. You might have the wrong input set up on your TV. To avoid problems, ensure that your TV is set up to receive the correct input.

Issue with firmware update:

You might notice a black screen on your TV because of the outdated firmware. This issue can be solved by updating the firmware.

The sleep timer/power-saving mode is:

If your TV suddenly goes black, it could be because the energy-saving or sleep timer are on. To resolve the problem, turn off your TV and power saver mode.

Hardware failure:

Your TV may be showing a black screen because of the hardware failure. It could be a defective circuit board, a faulty TV panel, or faulty LED on the TV. To fix your TV, you should contact a professional.