Twiggy eyes refer to the eyes of the infamous British model of the ’60s named Twiggy Lawson. She used to give a particular type of makeup to her eyes and from where this name came up. This type of eye makeup is just great if you wish to stand out in a party or any other similar occasion. Now, for the creation of this striking look, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to get the desired Twiggy eyes.

Follow steps for getting Twiggy Eyes

Step One – Preparation of Face and Powdering

First of all, you need to properly wash your face and moisturise it. Now, it is required to apply concealer, powder and a very light pink or peach blush if required. The application of blush can be skipped since it is not mandatory. Then the powder just beneath the eyes needs to be lightly brushed.

This is actually of great help in keeping the stray eyeshadow from messing the up the look since it will be quite easy for brushing away just with the help of a makeup brush. It would also be a very good idea to refine and thin out the shape of the eyebrows at first.

Step Two – Application of Shadow

The second step involves the application of the shadow. In this regard, it would be ideal to apply a light shade or pearly white eye shadow and can be brushed over the eyelid. This plays a vital role in minimising the darkness of the eyes. The users might as well apply a bit of light shade or pearly white eyeliner particularly in the corners of the eyes. This is helpful in the enhancement as well as enlargement of the eyes. Again, this is not mandatory and can be applied depending on the wish of the users.

Step Three – Crease

With the help of a small eyeliner or an angled shadow brush, it is recommended to line a smidge above the natural crease of the eyes with black, dark brown or grey shadow. In this regard, the loose powder works the best. A pencil might also be used very lightly to make sure that it is accurate but very good care needs to be taken to smudge it so that it is not just a solid line.

Step Four – Liner and Lids

A liquid liner is a more preferred option in this regard because it might be a quite difficult task to take off the dry liner in case any kinds of errors take place. It is always recommended to go for the branded liners for effective makeup. This is because of the fact that the local brands do not evenly line, a streak which is usually not worth it and hence best to be avoided. The users need to start at the outer edge of the eyelid and get as close as possible to the lash line.

The line should be gradually thinned out as the corner of the eye approaches. If any of the users are not able to handle the same in a proper manner, they can simply line all the way to the corner and just get a very little past the iris which will enough. For the appropriate Twiggy eyes, the lid liner should be extending past the corner as well as the outer edge forming ”wings” on both of the sides that end and meet the crease line of the eye shadow.

Step Five – Lashes

The makeup of the lashes can be time-consuming and many of the users consider this to be an irritating one. For the ones who hate this step can make use of very good lengthening mascara and simply put on coats after coats blinking on a tissue or the use of the finger between the coats for the avoidance of clumping. If you intend to use false lashes, they should be necessarily thick, long as well as exaggerated as much as possible. Care should be taken to appropriately wear false lashes.

Step Six – Lining the Lower Lashes

For further exaggeration and dramatizing the eyes lining the lower lashes is important. If any user wants to tone it down then either false lashes can be used or several coats of mascara. But for the creation of the authentic look, it is required to be painted with a liquid liner.

Step Seven – Mascara

In the ultimate step, you need to brush a very light coat of mascara for appropriately blending the natural lashes with the false ones if required.

Step Eight – Giving Finishing Touches

As indicated by the name of the step, this is to give finishing touches to the Twiggy eyes makeup and the overall face makeup as required. Just clean up any stray liner or shadow if any. Also, a pale pink or pearlescent shade to the lips. If you wish to use a lipstick, simply gloss it over to impart a pale and shiny lip.

So, once all of the steps are completed one after the other, you are all set and ready with your Twiggy eyes. Now, just go to the party and rock.