Nearly all TVs, even your LG LED TV have a closed captioning feature. This feature can be accessed through the on-screen menus or your remote control. The Federal Communications Commission requires that all TV programs provide closed captioning for deaf and hard of hearing people. People learning English can also benefit from captions because they allow them to see the words and hear them spoken.

How to Shut Off Closed Captions in LED LG TVs

Follow below given steps and instructions for turning or shutting off your LED LG Television’s cc captions.

Step 1

Use your remote control to press the “Menu” key. If the “Menu” key is not present, press “Home”. Your TV’s home menu will appear on screen.

Step 2

Click the down arrow navigation button to highlight the “Options” menu. Then, press the “Enter” button on your remote. Highlight the “Option” menu and then select “Setup.”

Step 3

To highlight “Caption”, press the down arrow navigation buttons. Enter.

Step 4

Once “Off” appears, press the right arrow navigation button.

Step 5

You can press the “Exit” button on your remote.