Hisense is one of the most popular smart tv manufacturing company all around the World. Hisense company is a chinese company and its headquatered in Qingdao, Shandong. Nowdays, Hisense smart tvs are very popular tv brands in UK, Australia and USA.

IF you want to cast your smartphones and computer screen on your hisense smart tv for watching videos, photos and many more. In this article, you will learn how to cast or screen mirroring in Hisense smart tv with various methods.

How to cast on Hisense tv by using the Anyview cast?

The anyview cast is a screen mirroring feature of the Hisense tv. You can use the anyview cast screen mirroring feature of hisense tv for connecting your smart devices like smartphones, tablets, laptop, computeter and etc.

Anyview cast require a wifi connection to screen mirror of your content from your mobile phones and laptop. You can cast your device screen to share photos, watch tv shows and movies by using the anyview cast feature of the Hisense smart tv.

How to connect mobile, laptop and iPad to your TV?

You can connect your mobile phones, laptop, iPhone and iPad to your hisense smart tv by using the anyview cast technology. But, it is depending on the Hisense tv models. It mightbe the Miracast or anyview cast feature available. You will learn below how to pair your windows and android devices with hisense smart tvs.

How to cast your Android device content to Hisense tv via Anyview Cast?

Follow the below instructions or steps to connect your device for casting the content like photos, videos, etc.

1. You need to point your remote control to Hisense tv and press on the input button. After that, you need to select the Anyview cast option.

Note: The anyview cast option might be differ or change according to the Hisense tv models. You need to find out from feature list or check in your hisense tv manual.

2. After selecting the anyview cast option, you Hisense tv is waiting to connect your android device.

3. Now, you can use the android device like smartphone, tablets to connect. You need to go to your mobile Settings and search/findout the Cast option. It maybe given in Bluetooth and Connections. If you are not find , then you need to findout the option because it might be differ according your Android device brand and models.

4. After enter in cast option on your device, enable the wireless display option to tick the check box.

5. After that, you will find the aviable list of the tvs and select the hisesne smart tv to start the screen mirroring on your tv.

How to cast the content from Window Device to Hisense smart tv?

1. In windows 1o, open the Action and Notification center option and select the Project button for mirroring screen. You can also use the shortcut keys Windows+P for opening the projection window directly.

2. You will see Connect to a wireless display option under the project window. Click on it.

3. After opening the connect to a wirless display window, you will see the available list of the devices to mirror or cast.

4. Select your hisense tv and start to casting or screen mirroring directly.