beauty tips

Certainly, hair makeup and beauty tips and tricks are helpful to look like a star. however, there is home care that may be helping us make a difference to be beautiful and lovely each day. follow these beauty tips increase your beauty.

vinegar beauty tips for  hair

You want to get an extra shining in your hair, do not miss this trick. In an exceedingly bottle that contains a spray dispenser pour a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture once after wash your hair with your favourite shampoo and rinse it with cold water. 

eye looks big                                                       

To visually enlarge the eyes, apply a white pencil to the rock bottom of the eyelids and a white shadow to the tear.

Face while not dark circles

want to cover the dark circles then follow this beauty tricks apply a less little red lipstick over the area of the eyecup use a little brush, Afterwards, mix it with the assistance of a similar brush that you simply used before, take dark circles concealer and apply it on them by means of small taps with your finger and, finally, apply the makeup base that you use all over your face, affecting the area of the dark circles, but also applying it with a light tap of the fingers. The red tone will have faded and there will be no trace of dark circles. It is one of the beauty tips for skin that we have a tendency to just like the most!

Natural  face mask

This best beauty tip can useful to glow your face within fifteen days, you only need the juice of one lemon and extract the juice from a couple of leaves of the aloe vera. Mix both ingredients and then apply the mask to your face and leave it to act for about 25 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and pat dry. If you do it once a week, you will notice the results.  

Lifeless eyes.

 If your eyes look tired a placed on bright and clear shadow, thus you will be ready to bring them back to life.


You don’t need to slide your brush in and out of the tube, because this does not do the merchandise any good. Air enters and dries faster.

Soft and hard feet.

With the rubbing of the sandals, it’s normal that the heels of the feet show hardness and calluses. If you would like to get up with the right feet, each night take a bath with hot water and a splash of vinegar, dry them well and apply a hydrant or specific cream for the feet and sleep with socks.

Homemade hair mask

Two beaten egg yolks with 2-3 drops of oil. Apply to your hair from ends to ends, never at the roots. Leave it on for half-hour so wash your hair regularly. You’ll get a plus of shine and softness.


Showering with cold water has multiple physical and mental benefits. Increases oxygenation, accelerates metabolism, helps improve blood circulation within the scalp and prevents hair loss … additionally, it’s been proven that it can facilitate your lose weight. If a chilly shower looks as if torture to you, after taking a calming bath, it ends with a cold stream.

Best beauty products brands for skin and hair

The cosmetic has become something essential in our daily lives. And that we don’t seem to be talking about going perfectly made-up or finding makeup products with which to follow each trend. Caring for the skin, consuming responsible products and finding quality cosmetics at an honest price may be a priority for several people.

Against the popular belief that only the massive brands manufacture quality products, with real effects and responsibly manufactured, we’ve got wanted to place at your disposal a series of firms that stand out, especially, for the standard of their products and their affordable prices for nearly all pockets. You will never say that beauty is a thing of rich pockets … follow this beauty product it will helpful for your glows and looking brightness.


Muji skin treatments incorporate natural extracts and active ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid) to replenish the skin’s water supply for longer-lasting hydration. Japanese ‘low cost’ cosmetics.

Perricone MD

Perricone cosmetics is that the ultimate avant-garde. They use ingredients that are difficult to search out in traditional cosmetics and therefore the result is cosmetics for informed people, concerned about their health and who confront the products during a very rational way. Adult cosmetics for adults.


Tonymoly may be a global cosmetic brand that was born in 2006 in South Korea with the mission of inspiring, helping to enhance self-confidence and alluring you to find inner beauty. They bet on natural ingredients, always aware of the environment, not tested on animals, and without affecting the quality of the product.

Per purr

This brand, Brazilian by origin and Spanish by adoption, focus on the bathroom and therefore the shower and their pos moments. Per Purr soaps, oils and scrubs are made with natural ingredients chosen with time and care.


Korean brand mask beauty tips, the use of which is associated with different moods and are used depending on how each one feels. Of course, the goal is always the same: send a positive message.