Roblox is an infinitely expandable game. To further enhance its possibilities, Roblox has some commands players can use to activate special abilities or emotes. This section will show you how to use Roblox commands, including the list of roblox admin commands and how to use administrator commands.

Roblox Admin Commands

Roblox has many special commands available for system administrators and moderators. These commands are in addition to those we have already listed and that are accessible to all users. These commands give you some special privileges and capabilities.

Most Common Roblox Admin Commands

To access admin commands, type “/”. To launch the chatbox then type “;[command].”

Advanced commands include “;[command] [player]” and “;[command] [player] [command name/setting]”

“Player name” could be either “me” or “another player’s name in a game.

Below is a list with the most popular Roblox admin commands:

;stun– Stuns the chosen player

;unstun Unstuns the chosen player

;removelimbs –You can remove the select player’s limbs

;normal– Returns the chosen player to normal

;fly — Makes the chosen to fly

;unfly Stops the selected from flying

;fire — Starts a Fire

;unfire Stops the Fire

;jump – Makes your character jump

;kill — Kills the player

;loopkill– Kills the player repeatedly

;ff — Creates a forcefield around the player

;unff — Erases force field

;sparkles Makes your player sparkle

;smoke– Makes smoke around the player

;unsmoke Turns off the smoke

;bighead — Makes the head of the player bigger

;minihead — Makes the player’s head smaller

;normalhead– Returns the head back to its original size

;sit — Makes the player sit

;trip– Allows the player to travel

;admin Allows players to use command scripts

;unadmin– Players are unable to use the command line script

;visible– The player is visible

;invisible The player vanishes

;god mode The player is impossible to kill, and can be fatal to all other players in the game

;ungod mode The player returns to normal

;kick– Kicks a player out of the game

;rainbowify– Make the chosen player look like a Rainbow

;jail– Places the player in jail

;unjail Cancel the Effects of Jail

;respawn– Brings a player to life

;givetools The player is given a Roblox Starter Pack toolkit.

;removetools — Removes player’s tools

‘zombify– Makes a player an infectible zombie

;freeze– Freezes player in place

;explode Makes the player explode

Roblox offers official, free administration command packages that can be downloaded at no cost. The most common command pack is Kohl’s Admin Infinite. HD Admin is the most commonly used. Kohl’s Admin Infinite replaces the old Kohl’s commands, which are no longer available. HD Admin is Roblox’s standard admin command model.