Wearing a perfume is a very common factor among almost all but how to shop for perfume  is confusion. There are a number of people who use quite sophisticated fragrance and they simply love to do so. In an addition to this, there are a number of people who stick to only a few of the perfume brands.

In general, it has been observed a huge number of people face a lot of confusion at the time of selection of the fragrance that would be most appropriate for them. Now, for the elimination of the confusions that arise in this regard, the fragrance experts have given some of the most valuable tips for how to choose a perfume.

Some of the valuable tips have given how to pick a perfume that is right for you

Forget About All Advertisements That You Have in Your Mind

It is of immense importance to discard all prejudices and throw out all of the images that are implemented by advertising from your head. It is to be kept in mind that that you are choosing a fragrance and not a beautiful package or a perfume bottle. The aroma you love the most might actually be hiding in the simplest bottle in the store.

Consider Visiting the Shop Alone

At the time of choosing a fragrance for yourself, it would be a very good idea to visit a perfume shop alone. This would undoubtedly play a crucial role in helping you to not be in a hurry thereby allowing you to choose a perfume that will necessarily meet all your personal preferences.

Visiting the store with someone else might make your decision of choosing the perfume a bit biased as per your companion’s preferences as well. Thus, experts recommend to visit the perfume store all alone so that you are the sole decision maker. experts help to you how to shop for perfume alonley.

Avoid Choosing Perfume in a Hurry

It is extremely important to keep in mind that you should never ever be choosing perfume in a hurry. The selection made with a haste is mostly a wrong one which you might have to repent later.

Thus, it would certainly be a very good idea to shop for perfumes with ample amount of time in your hand. It is recommended not to choose perfume in a hurry or after a long and tiring day at work.

It is better to visit the perfume store at the time when you are in a very good and positive mood. 

Giving Rest to Your Nose

If you have tried three or more fragrances and none of them suit you or you do not find any one of those to be an appropriate one, it is much better to stop the search immediately and come back next day or some other days.

After smelling many perfumes, the nose grows tired and it loses its ability to assess the composition of the aroma in an appropriate manner. So, at the time when you come back to select the perfumes other day, your nose is fresh and the choice is much more appropriate.

Applying Perfume to a Blotting Paper

If you are planning to try any unfamiliar fragrances, it would be a very good idea to apply it to a blotting paper at first. There is actually no point inhaling the smell from the lid of the perfume bottle or just spraying in in the air trying to understand its aroma.

Thus, as per the fragrance experts, it is best to apply perfume to a blotting paper for appropriately understanding its fragrance.

Waiting for a While

Once you have liked or settled on a particular perfume, now it is time to apply the same to your wrist and wait for a little bit of time. This waiting time allows the composition of the aroma to open up properly and gradually. It is to be kept in mind that it takes more time for the composition of the aroma to open up on cold skin and lesser time on hot skin.

Lasting Duration

In the final step of perfume selection, it is important to decide the time you want the perfume to last. You need to decide whether you want a long lasting fragrance or a very long lasting fragrance and decide accordingly.

The concentration of the aromatic compounds in the composition of the perfume is what decides the duration for which the fragrance would last. The higher is the concentration, the more long lasting the perfume is.

how to shop for perfume: So, here is a list that helps the users to understand the concentration of perfumes.

1 Eau Fraîche: Concentration is 1% to 3%, lasts for less than 2 hours
2 Eau de Cologne: Concentration is 2% to 4%, lasts up to 2 hours
3 Eau de Toilette: Concentration is 5% to15%, lasts up to 4 hours
4 Eau de Parfum: Concentration is 15% to 20%, lasts up to 5–6 hours
5 Parfum: Concentration is 20% to 30%, lasts up to 10 hours

Thus, now it can be very clearly understood as to how to shop for perfume. So, what are you waiting for? Just follow the above mentioned tips from experts and grab the most suitable perfume for yourself.