5 tips to have perfect eyebrows

The eyebrows remain one of the most prominent features of the face. The eyebrows, which are still visible from the eyes, are the most prominent part of the face.

This make-up artist explains the steps needed to have stunning eyebrows. The first thing to do is take care of your eyebrows. A specific serum can be used to make your hairs stronger, more flexible and healthier. This will result in more balanced eyebrows.

It is important to clean your eyebrows after using the serum. Makeup should be removed after each day. Hyper-epilation can cause eyebrow density to drop if done incorrectly. The make-up artist says that after infinite hair removal, the folliculcle will cease to function.”


1. The night routine removes and cleans any makeup left behind.

2. We use a gupillon to comb our eyebrows.

3. We will use a pencil, pencil, or a eyebrow liner to create the three-point technique.

The first point is where the eyebrows should begin. The ruler or brush is held on the nostril and we mark the starting point of the eyebrow by holding it in place. We can remove any hairs that are not within this frame.

The eyebrow arch is defined by the second point. We support the rule that the nostril should be oriented in the direction the center of your iris. Once you reach the middle of your eyebrow, mark another point with a pencil.

The point that marks the end of the eyebrow. We support the ruler again on the nostril, but this time we do so in the direction of the outer eye. We measure the height of our eyebrows to determine if there are hairs.

4. If necessary, we remove hairs that cause eyebrows to lose their definition. Fill in any areas that aren’t as populated with a pencil if necessary.

5. With the help of a bar soap with glycerin and a brush, we can fix our eyebrows.