valentines day 2020

It is about Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and if you’re reading this. It is because maybe you still have no idea what to give to your partner without falling into the typical box of chocolates or the typical bouquet of flowers. You can be a little more original and still on time.

A few days ago we told you the best ways to prepare a romantic Valentine’s getaway from your mobile phone. But if you do not have time to travel, there is another way to get original gifts at the last minute and not look bad with your partner this Friday.

For romantics it is one of the most wonderful days of the year, for singles a real curse, but deep down Valentine has always been and will remain a prominent date on the calendar.

On February 14 the love is above everything, but fantasy has its leading role. Distinguishing yourself is essential by choosing witty, tender or unexpected gifts.

That’s why we leave you with our list of original gifts so you can have more alternatives to choose from …

Best Personalised Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

A dinner with a wonderful view

Dining together at a great restaurant could be considered one of the classic Saint Valentines Day gift ideas, but if you choose this option you really can’t go wrong. Our advice: Choose a restaurant you can watch the sunset from, and take advantage of the incredible setting to say how much you love them in a truly special way.

Breakfast in bed

Even though it’s a classic, surprising your partner with breakfast in bed is still one of the best Valentines Day gifts. Don’t make it up as you go, plan it out a few days ahead of time. Remember to include that particular food they’re crazy about, some freshly cut flowers as a decoration it and a little gift that’ll make them smile.

A small spa at home

Who doesn’t like to feel their feet rested after a hard day at work. If you are looking for something different and to surprise your partner, try a foot massager. They relax the muscles, stimulate blood pressure, it will be like having a small spa at home, ready to use at any time and leave your girlfriend as new.

Conventional mobile phone The latest in technology

If you have a high budget to spend on this holiday maybe you can lean on the technology branch so that your partner is up to date, for example with an electronic tablet. They provide a greater service than the conventional mobile phone (with more capacity and more applications), its screen is larger and you can take it anywhere.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Coffee maker Moments with family or friends

Coffee is part of our daily diet. Therefore, we have thought that a capsule coffee maker is something very useful and that we will use in our day to day. Because we are not only giving away a coffee maker, but a breakfast together for weekends, a time to spend with your partner or family, a pleasant conversation, all with a simple appliance.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for men

If you are looking for the special gift for that person who makes your heart pound, at La Casa Tecno we advise you to continue reading because this interests you.

Care of your hair and face

The beard is in fashion . There are some days, lumberjack, Van Dyke style or Captain Jack there are for all tastes. If your partner bears his ideal gift in a trimmer shaver. Because caring for your face and body is something important to feel comfortable with yourself . We are sure that with this present you will succeed.

Camera and action

If your crush likes to run, play sports, excursions or travel, he will enjoy himself as a child with an action camera . With it you will not lose detail and record those moments of pure adrenaline. On the other hand, if you are passionate about new technologies, you have to try drones with a camcorder .

These are the most requested adult toy on designated dates. They are an interesting and fun gift to have a good time. In addition, you can make videos with exceptional visual quality.